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CJ Williamson Ltd is a New Zealand owned and operated Christchurch based manufacturing company established 1902, specialising in Hospital and Rehabilitation Equipment.

The company continues to develop and diversify the very wide range of industry recognised high quality products and its robust construction.

CJ Williamson Ltd is very well regarded as being able to manufacture or alter existing products or custom made to meet specific customer requirements.

CJ Williamson Ltd manufactures everything from basic hand rails, IV poles, ranges of over-bed tables and our widely recognised and used compact Red Indoor Walker and accessories, to ranges of products for use in Bathroom areas with a range of shower and bath stools and steps, included in this wide range are also Toilet shower chairs, over-toilet frames etc.

We also offer a wide range of both bedroom/lounge chairs and furniture to a large range of various trolleys for drug dispensing through to the laundry areas.  All designed to assist in the care of the elderly and in-care people.

CJ Williamson Ltd also involved in ranges of therapy products as used by many of the occupational and physiotherapists and are also available from the various hospital loan and hire departments.

As well as a range of basic beds, examination couches and trolleys for medical centres along with some individual trolleys for kindergartens, schools and veterinarians.

Please contact us with your inquiry.

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